YouTube – road safety and children

Targeting parents

Short films have been used for decades to convey road safety messages. This is the first of a series of short articles that highlight films about child safety that can be accessed on YouTube.

This selection covers recent films where the messages are aimed at parents/adults. The films also illustrate some of the different approaches that film makers take to engage viewers.


This Australian TV commercial targets parents of primary school children. It highlights the role parents play in shaping the driving behaviour of their children, asking, “What kind of driver are you raising?”

The film is part of a Transport Accident Commission (TAC) campaign.

Disturbing road safety Public Service Announcement (2015)

A TV advertisement commissioned by the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment aimed at drivers. ‘Classroom’ highlights the consequences of speeding for young children. The broadcast watchdog deemed it unsuitable to be shown before 9pm.

Don’t be a road monster

A road safety film aimed at motorists driving and parking outside schools, produced by parents and students at a group of schools in Berkhamsted and supported by Hertfordshire County Council. A further short film shows how Don’t be a Road Monster was made.

Cambs County Council road safety video

A film featuring primary school children from across Cambridgeshire designed to persuade parents not to park on yellow lines outside school.

Trailer Child Road Safety (1950)

A cinema commercial emphasising the dangers for young children on the roads. It states that 75% of all children that die on the roads are under the age of seven.

In 2014, 19 children aged 0-14 died on the roads. 36% were under the age of seven [Source: STATS 19, 24.9.2015].

The DfT’s THINK! videos can be also be accessed via YouTube and include the Tales of the Road child road safety campaign.


Future Making the Link articles on child safety on YouTube will feature home safety and other aspects of road safety including films aimed at children and young people.

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