Where are the road crash black spots near you?

Be aware! Discover the road crash black spots near you

Analysis by the Road Safety Foundation highlights the fact that half of all road deaths in Britain are concentrated on just 10% of the road network – the motorways and ‘A’ roads outside urban areas. The Foundation’s annual report, Cutting the Cost of Dangerous Roads,   maps and analyses the risks of death and serious injury on this network, and the cost of this burden of risk and tragedy.

The Foundation highlights the fact that a lifetime of care following a road crash can cost more than £20m, while the £36bn lost annually is more than is spent on GP services and primary schools combined!

A proactive approach to risk reduction

Building on the publication of last year’s Road Safety Foundation risk analysis and mapping, the government’s Safer Roads Fund is tackling roads with the greatest risk of death and serious injury using a proactive and systematic approach to cutting these social and economic costs.   

To complement the Foundation’s 2017 Report, a new interactive Road Crash Index database has been introduced through a collaborative project with Ageas (UK) Ltd. This makes it possible to see the cost of road crashes locally by county area and to check how each area ranks in safety improvement performance.

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Updated January 2018