THINK! Educational Resources Campaign

Do we take road safety knowledge for granted? Is it all just common sense? Do all parents and children really know about the Green Cross Code? 

Education (together with Engineering and Enforcement) is one of the “3 Es” which lay the foundations for effective local and national road safety initiatives.

The THINK! child road safety campaign now includes more than 50 free educational resources to make it easier for parents, teachers and road safety officers to get across life-saving messages about how to be safer on and around our roads.

The resources are grouped in three age bands:

  • age 3 – 6
  • age 7 – 12
  • age 13 – 16

The flexible content of the resources is designed to enable users to support students to equip themselves to be road aware. Resources support different learning styles, feature distancing techniques including role play and encourage peer to peer expression.

More information:

Updated July 2018