Research into child accidents

October 2012

Read about research into child accident prevention including CAPT's work as part of the Keeping Children Safe at Home project.

There are many interventions which have been proven to have a significant positive effect on children and young people, whether it is on accident rates or simply encouraging safer behaviour. Below you will find a few reviews of all the literature as well as some sources which will point you to work on specific interventions.

Although by no means a definitive list, the sources that are linked in this section provide a good starting point from which to explore the literature on child accident prevention.

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CAPT's work with researchers

CAPT is part of the Keeping Children Safe at Home project which aims to find evidence of what works in child accident prevention work. The project aims to improve understanding of children's accidents and effect a change in behaviour with parents and families around child safety.

Reviews of the literature

These provide a broad range of interventions along with recommendations.

Both of these literature reviews cover a broad range of interventions aimed at reducing accidents inside and outside the home. They explain which interventions are effective in changing safety behaviour and lowering accident rates, and will give you a guide as to how strong the evidence for each intervention is.

Find out more

If you would like to keep up to date with developments in child injury prevention, the SafetyLit website is a good place to start. SafetyLit focuses on the slightly broader subject of injury prevention, but includes information about studies relating to accidental injury in children and young people. The links below will take you to their feed list, where you can sign up to get updates on research into specific areas of injury prevention.

Research into specific areas




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