A new ‘think piece’ looks at changing road use and the challenges involved for road safety practitioners

A Highways England Symposium on road user behaviour has resulted in a report which responds to the themes and challenges raised at that event. Paving the Way; putting behaviour change at the heart of a safe system looks at the technological and societal changes that are having an impact on the way our roads are used.

The report encourages a ‘collaborative and co-ordinated’ approach to current and future trends, whereby an ambitious strategic vision for a safe road system also reflects a broader, longer term behaviour based approach.

In a foreword to the report, Deirdre O’Reilly from Highways England says:

“Our understanding about how and why people behave as they do is improving all the time. We need to determine what works in terms of influencing behaviours through social and physical structures as well as influencing individuals...

“I hope this report will be a catalyst for: more collaboration and smarter ways of working; a more outward looking and multi-disciplinary safer systems approach; and the development of a robust and accessible evidence-based approach to investment and delivery.” 

More information

Paving the way: putting behaviour change at the heart of a safe system can be downloaded, together with the Symposium presentations, at: http://roadsafetyinsight.com/paving-the-way/

Updated October 2017