Make prevention a priority this winter


As winter weather starts to bite, it’s important to keep children and family safe from the risks that winter conditions bring, often with very little or no warning!  By thinking about how these changes affect everyday life and routines, parents can be more open to essential seasonal safety messages.


  • The days are shorter…make sure that children can be seen, especially on their way to and from school. The most common time for child pedestrians to be involved in a road accident is mornings or afternoons on winter weekdays, so bright and reflective clothing is essential for their safety. 
  • The weather is colder…with more heating in the home, be aware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from fuel-burning appliances. A carbon monoxide alarm will give warning of this silent killer.
  • Winter essentials - which can also be poisonous…for car owners, antifreeze and screen wash are winter essentials. But they are also highly poisonous, so keep them well out of reach of children at all times.
  • We spend more time indoors…so parents and carers should take the simple but necessary steps to prevent the most common home injury risks such as falls, fires, burns and scalds, accidental poisoning, choking, strangulation and drowning.
  • Children also love outdoor winter fun…but make sure they are warm and well supervised, especially at younger ages. Ice is particularly treacherous as there is no way of knowing its thickness. With the serious risk of drowning in freezing water, it is much safer simply to stay off frozen ponds, lakes and waterways.      

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Updated January 2018