DfT Quarterly Road Casualty Data

New data from the Department for Transport (published on 8 February 2018) show a 4 per cent decrease in reported road fatalities (1,720) and 27,010 killed or seriously injured road casualties. The total number of casualties of all severities in the year ending September 2017 was 174,510, down 5 per cent from the previous year.

The total number of pedestrian casualties increased by 4 per cent in the period to 24,540, of which 6,270 (26 per cent) were killed or seriously injured.

Overall, there were 15,850 child (0-15) casualties, decreasing slightly from the previous year. Of these, 2,230 (14 per cent) were killed or seriously injured. Child pedestrian casualties decreased by 2 per cent, from 6,106 to 5,960. 1,360 (23 per cent) of these were killed or seriously injured.

Motor vehicle traffic increased by 1.0 per cent over this twelve month period. 

The DfT Statistical Release emphasises that comparisons with previous years should be treated with caution due to the large number of police forces changing their reporting systems. The Release says that: “it is likely that the recording of injury severity is more accurate for forces using these new reporting systems”. The Statistical Release includes detailed information on the changes to the reporting systems.

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Updated April 2018