CAPT resources

October 2012

If you are looking to commission or start a child accident prevention programme, it is worth exploring resources for your target audience that can reinforce your safety message. CAPT has a number of resources that you might want to make use of.

Some of the resources below are free, others are designed to be distributed by practitioners and can be purchased at a small cost.

They are all available on the CAPT website:

Child Safety Week resources

The Child Safety Week website has all of the information you need to get started on planning Child Safety Week activity including an ideas booklet, competitions, quizzes and a drfat press release to promote your . This year’s Child Safety Week theme is ‘Small steps to safety’.

CAPT shop

CAPT's expert safety advice is presented in an engaging, colourful style that will appeal to parents and carers. Browse the categories below for DVD packs, starter packs, leaflets, flyers, posters and more.

Information for practitioners

Information and key facts on a variety of different safety topics in our practitioner support section including:

This practitioner support section is designed to be used by child safety practitioners. It should give you a good idea of the most common accidents and how to prevent them, to better inform safety discussions with parents, carers and children.

Updated June 2013