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NICE work programme revised

Following the publication of the Public Health White paper – Healthy Lives Healthy People, the Department of Health (DH) have changed the scope of the NICE work programme and the guidance it produces.

Achieving Equity and Excellence for Children

How can health services be improved for children and young people?

In September the government set out a new vision for the health of children and young people: Achieving Equity and Excellence for Children.

How many children and young people die as a result of accidents?

This article also addresses the questions:

  • Which English region has the highest death rate for childhood accidents?
  • Is the number of children dying from accidents increasing or decreasing?

The chart below shows the total number of deaths due to accidents for children and young people from birth-14 years in England and Wales. Happily the number of child deaths each year is declining steadily. However, too many children are still dying from preventable accidents – over 200 in 2008.

Multi-agency working now a 'core skill'

Multi-agency and integrated working are now among the key areas of expertise which make up the refreshed Common Core of Skills and Knowledge.

The skills, required by everyone who works with children and young people, including volunteers, were added on the 24th march by the Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC).

Government's response to Lord Laming - joint working is key

The Government's Response to Lord Laming: One Year On has praised Local Safeguarding Children Boards for "leading programmes of outstanding partnership work on safeguarding."