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Celebrate school nursing week 10-14 July

The first School Nurse Week takes place this year on 10-14 July, organised by Unite and the Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association (CPHVA). As well as celebrating the role of these key professionals in the lives of children and young people, it’s also a chance to explain how their work supports the health and wellbeing connections that are made every day between schools, homes and the wider community.

Whole grapes – wonderful but take care

As new products such as button batteries and e-cigarette refills emerge, it is easy to get complacent about age-old dangers. Humans have used grapes for winemaking for 8000 years and have been eating them for even longer.

Child road casualties rise

The wider context – road users of all ages

The number of road deaths, seriously injured (KSI) and total casualties all increased year on year in 2015-16, according to figures published by the Department for Transport (DfT). Reported road casualties in Great Britain: quarterly provisional estimates year ending March 2016.

The figures cover the period 1st April 2015 – 31st March 2016.

The Government’s road safety statement – December 2015

The road safety statement  published on 21 December 2015 sets out the government’s vision, values and priorities for improving the safety of Britain’s roads. The statement describes the current context of road safety in Britain and the broad scope of road safety activity for the government. It covers road safety policy within Britain as governed by the Department for Transport.

Child Safety Week 2016 – “Simple stuff saves lives”

Child Safety Week Logo: 6-12 June 2016

Child Safety Week offers a great opportunity to raise families’ awareness, forge partnerships and put child accident prevention on the local agenda.

Child Safety Week is the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s flagship annual community education campaign. This year Child Safety Week runs from Monday 6 to Sunday 12 June.

The value of Public Health England data, analysis tools & the 'Keeping Children Safe at Home’ research programme | October 2014

This email is from: Child Accident Prevention Trust

The value of national data in local child accident prevention work

The recent suite of resources produced by Public Health England (PHE) provide a call to action for local work on child accident prevention, prioritising home safety for under-fives and

Tackling inequalities in child accident prevention factsheet

CAPT and West Midlands PHE Centre have developed a factsheet on tackling inequalities within child accident prevention.

New Public Health England resources to help reduce accidents to children and young people

Public Health England (PHE) has signalled that child accident prevention is one of its priorities by launching two new resources for local authorities on the first day of Child Safety Week. The resources focus on preventing accidents to children and young people in the home and on the road. 

There are still significant numbers of deaths and emergency hospital admissions from preventable causes. On average each year between 2008-2012, 822 children and young people under 25 died and there were more than 136,000 emergency admissions to hospital.