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Councils turn off street lights in a bid to save money

A number of councils across the UK are turning off their street lights to save cash. But will this mean more accidents on the road at night?

It costs around £500 million per year to power all of the street lights in Britain. In an effort to reduce the money spent on lighting, some councils are turning off their street lights. The news comes just weeks after some councils announced they were going to permanently switch off their speed cameras.

The end of speed cameras?

A large cut in road safety budgets means that hundreds of speed cameras across the country could be switched off.

The government has cut £38m from this year’s road safety budget and ended central funding for speed cameras – a central plank of its promise to “end the war on the motorist”.

With some road safety departments losing up to 40% of their budget, cuts are being made in road safety initiatives throughout the country. Unfortunately for many road safety partnerships this means abandoning their speed cameras.

Reducing road casualties could save £18bn per year

A report by the Road Safety Foundation claims that huge savings are readily achievable by cutting down on road casualties.

‘Saving Lives for Less’, released on 30th June 2010, maps the different areas of risk on the roads in Great Britain. The report has found that not only can a substantial amount of money be saved by reducing casualties, but that these savings are ‘readily achievable.’

Evaluating the impact – when your campaign goes global

How do you measure the impact of your projects? With over 5 million YouTube views of their latest road safety video, it’s a question that Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is currently grappling with.

DfT's new website sheds light on road accidents

The Department for Transport has launched a new website which presents road accident statistics for the whole of Great Britain.

Although road accidents have always been fairly well reported, it can be difficult for those not familiar with the topic to draw conclusions from the data. The new website, Road Casualties Online, will show the number of accidents that have occurred, and allow users to filter information by area, type of casualty, and age.

Road safety success drives future plans

We've hit our road safety targets, but there's still work to do, announces the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.