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Road Safety Statement Progress Report published

In December 2015, the government published a Road Safety Statement, setting out its vision, values and priorities for bringing down the number of people killed and injured on British roads. A new progress report from the Department for Transport charts how the individual aims and strategies which made up the original vision have been taken forward and what has been achieved.

The accompanying ministerial statement states that 15 of the 23 short term actions have been delivered, including three where the original objectives have been exceeded.

A new approach to road casualty investigation

A greater understanding of the causes of road crashes can lead to more effective preventative action and improved road safety measures, helping to drive down the costs and human consequences of these often life-changing events.

Creating better streets

Creating better streets: Inclusive and accessible places is a new industry review from the CIHT which looks into the operation of ‘shared space’ schemes in our communities.  Report recommendations include:

THINK! PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE – a new campaign

Parents in particular are often under pressure while driving, from school run timings and work deadlines, to difficult traffic conditions and bad weather. Although it may seem too easy to reach for the mobile phone while driving, the message for all drivers from this updated DfT campaign is clear. Don’t do it!

28% increase in child road deaths

The number of child fatalities and seriously injured child casualties in road traffic accidents in Great Britain both showed increases in 2016, according to the latest statistical release from the Department of Transport.

While the number of child fatalities have fluctuated between 48 and 69 between 2010 and 2016, the latest figure is the highest number of child deaths since 2009 and a 28% increase on 2015.

Child fatalities mainly affect pedestrians (34 in 2016) and car occupants (26 in 2016) with a smaller number of pedal cyclists (6 fatalities in 2016).

Improving attitudes to road safety

Public attitudes to transport are included in the British Social Attitudes Survey 2016. There are positive findings for various road safety measures including:

Speed Down Save Lives for Road Safety Week 2017

Right across the UK, speeding on our roads is a major problem. Speeding puts everyone in the community at risk of serious injury. But the dangers are particularly acute for children, whose lack of awareness and smaller size leaves them vulnerable to fast moving traffic.

Using behaviour change techniques in road safety

With fewer people and resources available to develop effective road safety interventions, it’s vital that practitioners can build on tried and tested experience and practical insights into what works.

Parents and child road safety – identifying and sharing good practice

While parents see themselves as responsible for developing their children’s road safety awareness and skills, they rarely have a deliberate strategy for teaching children road safety. Their safety messages may be out-of-date, they may put too little emphasis on helping children develop practical skills, and they may act inconsistently on the roads, unaware of their importance as role models.

Child road casualties rise

The wider context – road users of all ages

The number of road deaths, seriously injured (KSI) and total casualties all increased year on year in 2015-16, according to figures published by the Department for Transport (DfT). Reported road casualties in Great Britain: quarterly provisional estimates year ending March 2016.

The figures cover the period 1st April 2015 – 31st March 2016.