Public Health England commits to child accident prevention

Following a roundtable meeting attended by the new Minister for Public Health, Duncan Selbie, the Chief Executive of Public Health England (PHE), made the following commitment to support work on child accident prevention:

“Unintentional injury to children is a major public health concern causing a significant cost to health, social care and education.

This is recognised by the new Minister for Public Health and Innovation, Nicola Blackwood, who joined a roundtable meeting this week with PHE, local government leaders, NHS England, professional bodies, national injury prevention groups and academics.

Each year approximately 60 children under the age of five die from accidents, 450,000 go to accident and emergency and 40,000 are admitted to hospital.

PHE has already committed to support work to address this at national and local levels, but there is more that we will do in partnership with others to support further action at scale and pace.

Making effective use of data and the evidence base, alongside strengthening the role of practitioners and parents, are just some examples of how we can help keep children safer.”

CAPT is working in partnership with PHE to develop a new briefing for frontline professionals on home safety for the under-fives. This will be published in the autumn and CAPT and PHE will run four national events for commissioners and managers of public health, early years and health visiting services to promote the new briefing.

Dates and venues will be available shortly. To register your interest in attending, please email

Updated September 2016