Success factors and evaluation

October 2012

How to incorporate key success factors into your behaviour change programmes and how to go about evaluating their impact. 

Success factors

The principles for success for behaviour change programmes are:

  • support from the chief executive
  • a dedicated resource
  • support from a multi-agency group
  • a systematic approach to commissioning and financial planning
  • a systematic approach to implementation
  • a systematic evaluation of the implementation process.

For more information see How to put NICE guidance into practice to improve the health and wellbeing of communities: Practical steps for local authorities.

Making the most of evaluation

Evaluation should be planned at the same time as the intervention which is being developed, drawing on a range of skills and techniques and based on a set of clear aims and objectives for the project. Questions which might be asked in relation to the way an intervention has been evaluated include:

  • How long did the evaluation last? Was any longer follow-up conducted?
  • What were the aims and objectives of the evaluation?
  • What data collection methods were used?
  • What study design was used (eg randomised control trial, controlled study without randomisation, before and after study with no control etc)
  • How were intervention groups and control groups selected and what size were they?
  • Were any outcome measures used?
  • Were any impact measures used? Did these include observed or reported behaviour, hazards in the environment, attitudes or knowledge?
  • Were any process measures reported? Did these include acceptability of the intervention, whether the intervention reached the target group etc?
  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the study design and evaluation?

Local Government Improvement and Development has developed a guide for practitioners working for councils and public health organisations who have responsibility for evaluating the impact of different projects or initiatives.

Updated June 2013