New building regulations will help prevent bathwater scalds

8 April 2010
Good news for babies and young children - updates to the Building Regulations now mean that all new build houses will have to have Thermostatic Mixing Valves on bath taps. On Tuesday 6 April 2010 it became compulsory to ensure that in all new homes built in England, or in buildings such as conversions where there is a substantial change of use, the hot water from the bath tap must not exceed a...

How do partnerships achieve change for the better?

30 March 2010
90% of Local Strategic Partnerships are progressing in delivering service improvements, according to a survey. A survey of all English Local area Agreements (LAAs) has found positive evidence of the levers and drivers for change.

Multi-agency working now a 'core skill'

30 March 2010
Multi-agency and integrated working are now among the key areas of expertise which make up the refreshed Common Core of Skills and Knowledge. The skills, required by everyone who works with children and young people, including volunteers, were added on the 24th march by the Children's Workforce Development Council (CWDC).

Do parents need more integrated early years support?

30 March 2010
Maternity and the Early Years - making a good start to family life lays out a vision of more integrated maternity and early years services. Drawn up by the Department of Health, the Department for Children, Schools and Families, and the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, this vision puts emphasis on giving parents choices about what help they get.

How could LSCBs work more effectively?

30 March 2010
New guidance on Local Safeguarding Children Boards effectiveness and accountability could provide a key to unlocking new partnerships. The National Safeguarding Delivery Unit (NSDU) has published a first draft of practice guidance for LSCBs. The document is open for consultation until 9th June 2010. The NSDUs current suggestions for a successful LSCB include:

Government's response to Lord Laming - joint working is key

30 March 2010
The Government's Response to Lord Laming: One Year On has praised Local Safeguarding Children Boards for "leading programmes of outstanding partnership work on safeguarding."

Road safety success drives future plans

30 March 2010
We've hit our road safety targets, but there's still work to do, announces the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.

Action on health inequalities

9 March 2010
Find out about a significant report aimed at tackling health inequalities, particularly in early child development. “The Marmot Review” (also called the ‘Report of the Strategic Review of Health Inequalities in England post-2010) puts forward an evidence-based strategy for addressing health inequalities from 2010 onwards. The review lays out:

Parents of injured children suffer post-traumatic stress

9 March 2010
Over a third of parents whose child has been injured in an accident have suffered post-traumatic stress as long as one month later. A study, published in January by the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, has identified the potentially wide-ranging effects of childhood accidents on parents. The study looked at 334 parents whose children had been...

Staying safe - what parents think about safety

9 March 2010
The importance of engaging with parents on home safety is highlighted through findings from the Staying Safe Survey 2009, published by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).