Creating better streets

Creating better streets: Inclusive and accessible places is a new industry review from the CIHT which looks into the operation of ‘shared space’ schemes in our communities.  Report recommendations include:

  • the need for greater awareness to create streets that are inclusive and accessible;
  • the development and use of a framework of objectives and outcomes for the basis of street design;
  • the need to replace the use of shared space as a concept with different design approaches;
  • the need for detailed research into the needs of all users and around specific design features;
  • the review of existing guidance and the development of new guidance to assist local authorities in producing better street design; and
  • consideration of amending legislation in certain areas.

The report proposed replacing the term ‘shared space’ with three more specific terms:

  • Pedestrian prioritised streets
  • Informal streets
  • Enhanced streets

The needs of vulnerable road users, such as children (accompanied and unaccompanied) and pram users are considered in the review.

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Updated April 2018