Safe Network revised guide for groups working with children

The Safe Network has produced a new version of their free guide – Are they safe? for groups working with children.

The new version includes updated information on the steps groups working with children need to take to become safer as well a new wallchart to follow their progress.

The Safe Network provides safeguarding information related to activities outside the home – from after school art clubs to weekend reading groups.

Hard copies of the pack will be available shortly so keep checking the Safe Network website and Twitter channel to see when they are available.

You can pre-order now via their online form and they will send it out as soon as it is ready.

New users will need to register for free to gain access to the resource. If you are already registered you can sign in with your username and password to download or order a copy of the new resource.

The Safe Network is jointly managed by the NSPCC, Children England and CAPT, and was created as a result of the Government’s Staying Safe action plan.

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Updated December 2012