ChiMat launch JSNA tool

The Child and Maternal Health Observatory (ChiMat) has produced an online tool which provides data to go into joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs).

The online tool - called the JSNA navigator - provides the data in different formats including an Excel file and includes data on children’s road traffic casualties and hospital admissions for injury.

The tool highlights data that is likely to need to go into a JSNA although other data can be used as well.

There are many other indicators and resources available on the ChiMat site which can help you build a picture of your local area and place it in a broader context of policy, good practice and other guidance.

Many of the resources available through the ChiMat site allow you to compare your area with others.

Analysing local current and future needs for adults and children is key to securing improved health and wellbeing outcomes. JSNAs provide the evidence base for local Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategies and so are an integral part of planning and commissioning child accident prevention programmes.

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Updated December 2012