28% increase in child road deaths

The number of child fatalities and seriously injured child casualties in road traffic accidents in Great Britain both showed increases in 2016, according to the latest statistical release from the Department of Transport.

While the number of child fatalities have fluctuated between 48 and 69 between 2010 and 2016, the latest figure is the highest number of child deaths since 2009 and a 28% increase on 2015.

Child fatalities mainly affect pedestrians (34 in 2016) and car occupants (26 in 2016) with a smaller number of pedal cyclists (6 fatalities in 2016).

The new figures also show a 6% increase in the number of seriously injured child casualties, to 2,033. The report says that caution is needed in looking at the figures for seriously injured and slightly injured, due to changes in systems for severity reporting by some police forces. The number of children slightly injured in 2016 was 13,874, down 2% on the previous year.

26% of all pedestrian casualties were aged 0-15. 58% of the total number of child casualties were male, with 22% of the injuries taking place between 3pm and 5pm on a weekday and 14% occurring between 7am and 9am on a weekday.

Road casualty data for children relates to children and young people aged 15 or under.

Road casualty figures for Northern Ireland show that there were 82 children aged under 15 killed or seriously injured on the roads. This is 10 more than in 2015 and a 14% increase compared to 2015, though a 36% drop compared to the 2004-08 baseline.

More information

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Updated October 2017