Advising families on car seat safety

Correct use of car seats for babies and children can be confusing for parents, carers, health visiting and social care professionals. In addition, it is common for car seats to be fitted incorrectly and not to be used properly. 

CAPT has contributed an article on child car seats to the December edition of the Journal of Health Visiting. It considers safety in the context of all road injuries to children under the age of 10 years and explains why child car seats benefit children. 

It covers the different types of seats currently available and what to bear in mind when purchasing a child car seat, as well as issues related to use and fitting. It also explores why some parents and carers avoid using them or do not use them correctly.

CAPT’s leaflet on How safe is your child in the car? is an essential guide for parents and carers and has been recently revised with the very latest advice on in-car and around-car safety and car seats. How safe is your child in the car:

  • explains when to move your child to the next stage of car seat
  • gives advice on where in the car it’s safest to seat your child (in the back)
  • discourages parents from allowing babies to continue to sleep in the seat when they’re taken out of the car
  • has a guide to buying a car seat
  • includes a section on around-car safety
  • includes essential information on the UK law on car seats.

The leaflets cost just £9.25 +PP for 50 copies from CAPT’s online shop.

More information

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  2. How safe is your child in the car? CAPT leaflet
  3. The trouble with child car seats – parents’ views and providing support 




Updated January 2017