Parents want more information and community support

Researchers from the Family and Childcare Trust found that parents say they need early years services to help them to parent better, provide information and strengthen community relationships. However, the report points out that early years services are under ever increasing pressure from reduced funding in many local areas.

Four groups of parent researchers from across the country were recruited and trained by the Family and Childcare Trust. They spoke to nearly 500 parents to understand what families need and want from early years services.

Parents said they most value services where they could take part in activities with their child, such as stay and play groups. These were valued as social and learning opportunities for both parents and children.

Parents reported using a wide variety of family services for themselves and their children. Early years services are important for building parents’ social networks and meeting other parents. However there were concerns about gaps in services and a lack of information and communication about what was on offer. 

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Updated January 2018