The Best Start: The Future if Children’s Health – One Year on

7 July 2018
Building on its May 2017 report, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) looks at developments in the school nursing and health visiting professions in England, monitoring progress. In this new short paper the RCN highlights the need to value these key specialists as they work to influence children and young people’s health and wellbeing.    RCN conclusions from this work include the need to:

New National Child Mortality Database announced

7 July 2018
The death of every child is a tragedy, so it’s all the more important to understand the causes and circumstances of child deaths so that the learning can be translated into action which will reduce potentially avoidable deaths in the future. A new National Child Mortality Database (NCMD) is being developed at the University of Bristol that aims to reduce premature mortality by analysing data on...

Road Safety Statement Progress Report published

7 July 2018
In December 2015, the government published a Road Safety Statement, setting out its vision, values and priorities for bringing down the number of people killed and injured on British roads. A new progress report from the Department for Transport charts how the individual aims and strategies which made up the original vision have been taken forward and what has been achieved. The accompanying...

A new approach to road casualty investigation

7 July 2018
A greater understanding of the causes of road crashes can lead to more effective preventative action and improved road safety measures, helping to drive down the costs and human consequences of these often life-changing events.

The state of child health – a fragmented approach with deepening public health cuts

30 March 2018
The State of Child Health: One year on reviews progress across a range of key child health indicators and recommendations from the original RCPCH report in 2017. Its conclusions, in the form of ‘scorecards’ for England, Scotland and Wales, reveal progress in some areas but concerns about the lack of improvement in ‘several fundamental areas’ including the lack of plans for an overarching child...

Creating better streets

30 March 2018
Creating better streets: Inclusive and accessible places is a new industry review from the CIHT which looks into the operation of ‘shared space’ schemes in our communities.  Report recommendations include:

Child Safety Week 2018 - Safe Children: Together we've got this

30 March 2018
Child Safety Week offers a great opportunity to raise families’ awareness, forge partnershis and put child accident prevention on the local agenda. This year it runs from 4 to 10 June. Sign up to get involved. Child Safety Week is the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s flagship annual community education campaign. This year it runs from Monday 4 to Sunday 10 June.

THINK! PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE – a new campaign

29 March 2018
Parents in particular are often under pressure while driving, from school run timings and work deadlines, to difficult traffic conditions and bad weather. Although it may seem too easy to reach for the mobile phone while driving, the message for all drivers from this updated DfT campaign is clear. Don’t do it!

Parents want more information and community support

9 January 2018
Researchers from the Family and Childcare Trust found that parents say they need early years services to help them to parent better, provide information and strengthen community relationships. However, the report points out that early years services are under ever increasing pressure from reduced funding in many local areas.

Health visiting survey highlights concern about overstretched and overloaded staff

4 January 2018
More than 1 in 3 health visitors worry that they are so stretched that there may be a tragedy in their area, while more than 1 in 5 health visitors are working with caseloads of over 500 children – these are the stark and disturbing findings from the Institute of Health Visiting  (iHV) 2017 annual survey of over 1400 health visitors. Dr Cheryll Adams CBE, Executive Director of the iHV...