Making the Link road safety seminar

CAPT presented this one day, free road safety seminar, funded by the Department for Transport, in London on 22 March 2012. The event was also supported by the Association of Directors of Public Health and Road Safety GB. 

The event's aims were to:

  • bring stakeholders in road safety in the statutory and voluntary and community sectors (VCS) together with public health commissioners to discuss how we can work together to reduce serious accidental injuries for children in the new commissioning and delivery environment
  • discuss the impact of proposed changes in public health structures at local and national levels
  • support better communication and planning between environment, planning, transport and public health stakeholders.

Target audience

  • senior practitioners involved in road safety and accident prevention, including environment, planning, transport, leisure, housing etc
  • senior public health professional
  • commissioners of services for children and of road safety projects in local authorities and the health sector
  • senior professionals within VCS organisations with an interest in road safety and accident prevention.

The speakers at the event

  1. Heather Ward, Chair of Trustees, Child Accident Prevention Trust
    Download Heather Ward's opening presentation (PDF, 59KB)
  2. Simon Surtees-Goodall, Department for Transport
    Download Simon Surtees-Goodall's presentation on local partnerships (PDF, 96KB)
  3. Dr Peter Marks, Leicestershire and Rutland
    Download Peter Marks' presentation on health reform (PDF, 322 KB)
  4. Robert Gifford, Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS)
    Download Robert Gifford's presentation on the changing landscape of road safety (PDF, 195KB)
  5. Christine Fitzgerald, Transport for London and Emma Gill, dbda
    Download Christine Fitzgerald and Emma Gill's presentation on traffic clubs (PDF, 2.3MB)
  6. Jeremy Phillips, Devon County Council
    Download Jeremy Phillips' presentation on reducing road casualties among young people in Devon (PDF, 461KB)
  7. Liz Brooker, London Borough of Lewisham
    Download Liz Brooker's presentation on cycling in Lewisham (PDF, 1.1MB)
  8. Simon D'Vali, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
    Download Simon D'Vali's presentation on partnership working in West Yorkshire (PDF, 1.4MB)
  9. David Elliott, Department of Health, West Midlands
    Download David Elliott's presentation on Healthy Lives West Midlands
  10. Rod King, 20's Plenty for Us
    Download Rod King's presentation on 20's Plenty (PDF, 1.7MB)
  11. Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive, Child Accident Prevention Trust
    Download Katrina Phillips' presentation on working together for children (PDF, 301KB)

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