Injury Epidemiology and Research Group

November 2012

The IEPRG is based in the Division of Primary Care, School of Community Health Sciences, University of Nottingham. They focus on evaluating the effect of interventions to reduce injuries, and assess the long-term impact of injuries.

If you are looking for information on injury prevention, or data on specific prevention initiatives, the group may well have something that can help you.

Special interests of the group include the epidemiology and prevention of injuries in all age groups, including preventing falls in older people, measuring the long term impact of injuries and the evaluation of interventions in primary care and community settings.

The group focuses on:

  • evaluating the effect of interventions to reduce injuries through the use of randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and meta-analysis
  • the epidemiology of injuries, including exploring social variations in injury risk
  • measuring the long term impact of injuries
  • developing methodology in injury prevention research

The group’s work has informed the children’s plan from the former Department for Children, Schools and Families, home safety recommendations in the European Child Safety Alliance “Child Safety Good Practice Guide”, the World Health Organisation's World Report on Child Injury Prevention and the European Code Against Cancer.

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Updated June 2013