Burns and scalds master class

November 2012

Sign up to CAPT's master class on preventing burns and scalds to children taking place in London on 30 November 2012.

Each day six young children are admitted to hospital following a burn or scald. Because a young child's skin is so much thinner than an adult's, burns and scalds can inflict serious injuries and can scar for life. Physical scars can also lead to emotional scars - for the child as they grow up and for their family too.

Burns and scalds are also hugely costly for the NHS. A spilled cup of tea covering 10% of a young child's body can cost £2,000 to treat. The cost of more serious burns and scalds is much greater, and continues through years of painful operations. But hot drink scalds are one of the simplest accidents to prevent. And this is only one of a range of serious burn and scald injuries that can easily be prevented.

CAPT is running a master class on 30 November 2012 on the 'Prevention of burns and scalds to children' which will include a presentation by CAPT Chief Executive Katrina Phillips and Dr Keith Judkins.

CAPT speakers

Keith has 28 years experience treating patients with major burns, and has contributed to leadership of burn care services at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, as well as for the Northern Burn Care Network and nationally. He has held high office in the British Burn Association (BBA), the European Burn Association and the International Society for Burn injury.

For eight years he was chairman of the BBA Prevention Committee, in which capacity he played a significant role in the successful bath water scalds campaign, Hot Water Burns Like Fire.

The master class will focus on what we can do to help prevent these painful, costly and often preventable serious injuries. The presentations and discussion will focus on what local areas can do to educate stakeholders (including parents and carers) and to reduce the risks and impact of burns and scalds injuries.

The aim of the event:

  • Share knowledge on the causes of burns and scalds to young children, the impact on children and their families, and the costs to the NHS.
  • Bring senior stakeholders together to share leaning on effective practice – what works in engaging parents and carers, how to make early years settings safer, how to make every contact count.
  • Explore how to embed burns and scalds prevention into the commissioning and delivery of public health, health visiting and a range of services and programmes for children and families.
  • Build partnerships between clinicians, public health, health visiting, early years and family support, the fire and rescue service, academics, burns charities and others with a concern for safety.

Target audience

  • Commissioners of services for children and families in the NHS, public health and local authorities.
  • Managers and senior practitioners working with parents of babies and young children, eg in health visiting, children’s centres, childcare and family support projects.
  • Clinicians, charities and other concerned to reduce the scale and impact of burns to children.

Book your place

The master class will take place on 30 November 2012 at 1.30pm-4.30pm at the following address:

ORT House
126 Albert Street
London NW1 7NE

Registration will be open and a networking lunch will be served from 12.45pm. We request a small contribution towards the cost of running master class events. However, we are able to offer stakeholders the opportunity to participate in this event for just £48 (£40 + VAT) per person.

This represents a significant saving on the true cost of delivering an event of this type, but will help us to make CAPT events sustainable in the future.

Return your booking form to Kin Lam at: kin.lam@capt.org.uk or faxed to 020 7608 3674, if possible by 22 November 2012.

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